We’re Hiring + Some Notes On Regret

I never go a summer without regretting something.  After a particularly good summer, this is often a mix of the things I wish I had made time for and the things I wish I’d never done at all. Summer is the season of regrets. Something about those warm August nights brings out the feral tendencies in all of us.

That’s why August’s theme is regret. You’ll notice several posts on regret mixed among our regular features. These are thoughts on regret, stories on regret, things we regret and things we don’t regret. Each month we’ll be introducing a new theme. If you have something to say about regret, feel free to click on the top right and ‘submit’ your story.

Now, for some hiring news!

Blonde is looking to bring on a Montreal editor, Montreal contributors, Calgary contributors, and some more Toronto contributors. Interested? Email blondisms @ gmail [dot] com. These are all volunteer opportunities designed for women who have something to say and who also care about what other women have to say.

That’s all for now.  Don’t do anything we wouldn’t do.


The Blondes

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