Introducing Our New Montreal Editor: Lili Monette


Ladies, meet Lili Monette. Lili will be handling things from Montreal, contributing pieces and managing a team of writers from Quebec. Lili has already contributed two stories to Blonde, The Balcony-Loving Stranger and New York: New You, and she’ll be writing lots more.

Please join us in welcoming her as we continue to develop Blonde into what it’s meant to be: an amazing collection of women sharing real and raw stories about their lives.


Lili Monette was born and raised in Montreal. She studied at a fine arts high school, and subsequently at Concordia University, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Theatre and Development in April 2013. Besides writing and editing for BlondeMag, she can be found performing, creating and entertaining people. She is also currently studying at graduate level at Université de Montréal. You can read her sensational stories here, check out her Tumblr  and follow her on Twitter @LiliMonette.

2 thoughts on “Introducing Our New Montreal Editor: Lili Monette

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