Blonde is a collection of personal essays documenting the experiences and thoughts of the contemporary urban woman.


Founding Editor: Sheena Lyonnais

Sheena Lyonnais launched Blonde to provide an alternative space for women to document their thoughts, most notably those that come late at night. Blonde is a space for writers to tell the stories that typically get left off the pages. When Sheena’s not editing Blonde, she spends her days working in marketing and digital strategy, and her nights lost to writing. You can follow her on Twitter @SheenaLyonnais, Instagram, and view her other work on her blog. 


Associate Editor: Lili Monette

Lili Monette was born and raised in Montreal. She studied at a fine arts high school and subsequently at Concordia University, where she graduated with a BFA in Theatre and Development in 2013. Besides writing and editing for Blonde, she can be found learning, creating and entertaining people. She is currently doing her Master of Arts in Journalism at the University of Western Ontario. You can check out her Tumblr  and follow her on Twitter @LiliMonette.




Monica Emile

I am Monica Emile. My stories are about the things that weigh on my mind, and the stuff I am passionate about.

Interesting fact: have been my own life coach for the past couple years –  and I’m getting pretty good at it. Follow me on twitter @monicakemile,  my blog, or instagram.

andreaholzAndrea Holz

Andrea was born and raised in Toronto, Ontario.  Knowing at a young age that she had a hunger for the arts, she discovered comedy to be one of her strengths.  She decided to make it her focus in college. Attending Humber College’s Comedy Writing and Performance she was a recipient of the Eugene Levy award for writing.  After, she continued her education in the Humber Creative Scriptwriting Program, eventually leading her here to Blonde Mag.


Erin Fahy

Erin Fahy is a 9-5er by day and a rouge writer at night. Highlights of her writing career include breaking out into hives after being interviewed on local television, the words “she’s with us” when walking past security with a cool band and now being a regular contributor to Blonde. She loves wine, cheese, designer purses, beer, steak and Target. Erin lives and works in Toronto, Ontario.


shelby with balloon

Shelby Monita

Shelby Monita is a freelance writer and artist living in Toronto. Her main loves include punk rock, her cat–Muffin Mufasa–and her cozy apartment in Kensington Market. For a night on the town you will most likely find her in her favourite dive bar, near a mosh pit or on a rare night, singing her heart out in a tiny karaoke bar. Follow Shelby on Twitter or Instagram @ShelbyMonita.

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