We’re Hiring + Some Notes On Regret

I never go a summer without regretting something.  After a particularly good summer, this is often a mix of the things I wish I had made time for and the things I wish I’d never done at all. Summer is the season of regrets. Something about those warm August nights brings out the feral tendencies in all of us.

That’s why August’s theme is regret. You’ll notice several posts on regret mixed among our regular features. These are thoughts on regret, stories on regret, things we regret and things we don’t regret. Each month we’ll be introducing a new theme. If you have something to say about regret, feel free to click on the top right and ‘submit’ your story.

Now, for some hiring news!

Blonde is looking to bring on a Montreal editor, Montreal contributors, Calgary contributors, and some more Toronto contributors. Interested? Email blondisms @ gmail [dot] com. These are all volunteer opportunities designed for women who have something to say and who also care about what other women have to say.

That’s all for now.  Don’t do anything we wouldn’t do.


The Blondes

The Time I Tried to Sell My Panties on Craigslist


I had heard about how girls can get money for selling their underwear to wanting men from places like Slutever and Jane. I have also dabbled in Sugar Daddies, and other “Bad Girl” endeavors.

I will begin this by saying I have never been as broke as I am right now ever in my life. It is true –desperate times call for desperate measures.

Plus, I have no problem with doing this type of “slutty” thing. I am somewhat of a Craigslist aficionado.

I went on Craigslist one day – to the personals and m4w section – and typed in the word “panties” in the search bar. I found a man who was looking to add some used women’s panties to his collection. Along with the ad was an anime up-skirt picture.

I e-mailed him with a photo of my ass in black lacey underwear. My e-mail subject was “Panties 4 you”.  He e-mail me back pretty quickly – he was interested. I asked him how much he was offering. He said $50. Fine with me.

Throughout the day we continued to exchange e-mails. After many, he asked me to send another pic – one that said “Hey Kev” written on a note with me wearing my undies. This was to eliminate the possibility that I was a “fake”. He was into it.

We made our plans for the exchange. He wanted to do it that night. He was also willing to drive to my area of the city to pick them up. In my mind, the transaction would be me slipping into his car and hand delivering the panties. I knew that a lot of time, girls usually just sent their undergarments via mail – which I think is super hot.

But I got another e-mail from him, with the final details.

“We meet up some where by your place. You hop in my truck I rub you through the panties and get them nice and wet 🙂 Then you slide them off and we do the trade… Bet you need to wear a skirt :)”


Me: “This is not going to work. You never mentioned touching [in our 16 emails]. That’s not worth what your offering.”

Him: “No touching at all?”

Me: ‘None at all. Usually I wouldn’t even meet with someone for what your offering.”

No reply.

First of all, do dudes not realize how much underwear costs? Also, I’m not some common ho. He never even sent a photo of himself. My morals are already pretty low, but I would never consider letting some guy who won’t even send me a photo of himself rub me off.

Anyways, it was obviously a failed endeavor. I’m still broke and had to bum money off my dad instead of selling my used panties to some truck-driving-cheap-old-man.

Guess it worked out anyways in the end. Mostly, I’m just pissed that girls have accepted this offer from this man before. If you’re going to sell your panties online, and let the man rub you off, please be aware of what you’re worth girls.

Written my May Hailer